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Together we'll plan your perfect wedding ceremony.

After our first contact, we can make arrangements to meet up for a non obligational chat.


Our initial meeting: 

I find it’s easy to meet over a coffee at a cafe in Bowral which I tend to call my ‘office’.

At this meeting we discuss things like what type of ceremony you would like, the music, PA system, vows and lots more.


I will bring a 'Notice of Intended Marriage' form, which we can fill out there and then or you are welcome to take it away and fill it out later.

This form is a legal requirement that lets the government know that you have given me at least one month's notice.The form is valid for 18 months.

I ask that you let me know within 14 days if you wish to confirm your booking.


Your rehearsal:

It's good to have a rehearsal the day before your wedding, just so that we can work out where you would like to stand, practice with the music and other fine-tuning. Then, on the wedding day, everyone knows what they're doing and everything flows beautifully.


I love the rehearsals; they are a lot of fun. Everyone is excited, it all begins to feel very real and I strongly recommend champagne :-)

I will bring a ceremony that I will write for you and, after the rehearsal, the three of us can sit down and go over the wording.

You can alter it in any way you wish, so that on your wedding day, you both know exactly what it is that I am going to say - no surprise rants!!


Your ceremony:

Apart from your vows, I prefer not to read your ceremony from a book. I will have your wording in my hand as a prompt, but I find it is much more genuine and heartfelt if I just say the words in a warm manner rather than reading from a script.


I have a very good PA system so that your guests can hear us clearly (very important) plus a portable BOSE SoundDock which you are welcome to use for your music. The sound is fantastic.




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